A few years ago, a real estate career was not something I paid much attention to.  I knew real estate agents were necessary and important--I would never try to buy or sell a house on my own--but beyond that, I didn't give it much thought.

Enter: a cross-country job offer. Well, halfway across the country. Ok, a few states over. But it was a state that my husband and I had never set foot in and the job was with a Fortune 50 company in "The Big City."  (My husband and I were both raised in the comfort and familiarity of a small town.)  We had five young children and another coming any minute.  We needed some serious help (with real estate...we knew where the babies were coming from.)

Due to the roughly 5 weeks remaining in my pregnancy, time was of the essence and we had one weekend to find our dream home. Two measly days to find the home where our family would make memories, from which our kids would venture off to school, and around which our entire future would revolve. Perhaps that's a bit overdramatic but...not really.

Luckily, providence intervened. The new job assigned us a REALTOR® and our guardian angels made sure that it was Bryan.  Bryan got us right away and we put over 500 miles on our rental car that weekend as he helped us find just the right fit. We flew back home and he was with us, long distance, every step of the way in making that dream home a reality.

When it came time to move, this time with a two-week old infant, he kept us up to date during the four-day drive. And, when the deal nearly unraveled by sellers' dishonesty when we were about two hours outside the city, he fought for us. And, when we had to get a hotel because that nearly unraveled deal was hanging on by threads, he took care of us. And, when the deal was delayed two weeks in order to protect us from sellers' shady business practices but our moving van was waiting in the street, he arranged an early move-in agreement for us. (Maybe that whole experience warrants a separate blog post, now that I think about it.)

The takeaway message: he was there for us when making one of the biggest moves (literally and figuratively) in our young family's life.  That's when I saw the extent of service a REALTOR® has to offer. And suddenly, I wanted to help people navigate this huge process in their lives.

It took a few years for that two-week old infant to be old enough for school, which would afford me the time to pursue a real estate career. Those waiting years were spent learning about and appreciating the real estate profession so that, now that I have the credentials, I have the power to truly help.

And that is why I chose a career in real estate: to help others at such a critical juncture in their lives. Whether buying or selling for the first time or the 100th time, real estate transactions are rarely textbook and require expertise and support to navigate. Let me help you in that process and I promise that your home will be my highest priority.